CEOaQrate Ltd. was founded in September of 2009. The company provides services in architectural acoustics and electroacoustics engineering, design and consulting and services to provide independent and thorough professional services in the fields of architectural acoustics and electroacoustics..

I am sure, that for a professional 'acoustics' is an engineering science demanding a little more understanding and creativity, while it is playing a very important role not only in studios and concert halls, but generally in our quality of life.
In the past fifteen years I worked for and together with artists, other engineers, technicians, traders, construction companies, manufacturers, researchers, property owners and investors in several projects including reconstruction or development of sound, video and filming studios, concert and event halls, theatres. Naturally I dealt with a lot of problems affecting residential customers, while these assignments are more personal than prestigious.
Acoustics is overrated and underrated at the same time. That is why I aim operating the company to dispel misbeliefs and myths related to this profession by engineer-worthy and creditable behaviour, scientific research, education, publications.

Csákvár, 6th of January, 2011 - Andor T. Fürjes, CEO, senior engineer

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Aqrate Acoustic Engineering Company Ltd.
( Aqrate Acoustic Ltd. )



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Andor T. Fürjes
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14899999-3-07 / HU14899999

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H8083 (ZIP) Csákvár (city) Haraszt u. 15. (street)

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FHB Bank Inc.
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