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aQrate Kft. provides architectural acoustics and electroacoustics engineering, controlling and consulting services and also services to support development and management of projects that are highly related to acoustic or electroacoustic qualities.


13th of June, 2015: Extremely successful years have passed without updating the web site or publishing scientific or engineering achievements. Increasing demand however encourages to develop marketing and publishing activities and to develop partnership with companies complementing the broad range of competence aQrate already has. The first step is done by posting and updating references to demonstrate an exceptional solid portfolio on fields of architectural acoustics (room acoustics and sound isolation), electroacoustics.

11th of June, 2015.: Reconstruction project of the Liszt Ferenc Music Academy won the Europe Nostra Grand Prize in category conservation. Congratulations to all those who earned that recognition by adding their best to support this project!

30th of May, 2015.: In addition to earlier recognitions, reconstruction project of the Liszt Ferenc Music Academy won the FIABCI World Prix d`Excellence in two categories. Andor T. Fürjes from aQrate Ltd. wrote acoustic and electroacoustic design documents at permit stage in cooperation and was solely responsible for sound isolation and architectural noise control design and electroacoustic systems design at later stages, while also supported construction works by continuous consultancy in all fields of architectural acoustics.

21st of April, 2015.: It has been 10 years since Palace of Arts opened as the largest architectural investment in Hungarian music halls of the last decades. Andor T. Fürjes of aQrate gave a presentation about Budapest Music Center following architects Dorottya Gőz and Abdel Rahim Chehadé on the gathering organized by Éva Arató. Messages of the presentation were, that balanced partnership between engineering arts is required for a successful (uncompromised) design, it is always useful to have a client like László Gőz and that against all beliefs, reverberation time alone is by far not a valid quantity to express room acoustic quality. Andor T. Fürjes was involved in the Palace of Arts project (presented here by Gábor Zoboki and Dr. Péter Fórián-Szabó), the reconstruction of the Liszt Ference Music Academy (presented here by Gergely Lakatos and Dr. Fülöp Augusztinovicz).

4th of April, 2014: BMC project has won the prestigious Architizer A+ Award founded by the Wall Street Journal and the Webbys.

1st of April, 2014: A gathering organised by the acoustic committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA) was held to present all engineering achievements during the design and construction works of the historical building of the Liszt Ferenc Music Academy. The twenty-minute lecture for each field has proved to be very short, hopefully presentations will be available on the web site of MTA soon.

11th of November, 2013: SMS from László Bélafi (before opening of Hangvilla in Veszprém): 'We have tried it!!! Freaking good, congratulation and thank you!;-)' I thank you for the opportunity to be a part in this project!

21st October, 2013: SMS from Balázs Róbert (Pannonia Studio, about the concert hall of BMC): '...I think you have done the best hall of the country!!! congratulations;););)'.

23rd of January, 2011: Aqrate introduces a new web design, while contents is updated and extended continuously.

1st of November, 2010: Updated pages and references.

Hangvilla A new series of articles is started in the Hangvilla magazine (in Hungarian) about acoustics. This series shall cover all 'well-known' and new aspects of acoustics but with a fresh concept, the way it should be tought to anyone interested in music or sound. Topics cover physical acoustics, psychoacoustics, musical acoustics, architectural acoustics.

4th of July, 2010: The reference page is updated with picture gallery.

22nd of May, 2010: The download page opened including both Hungarian and English papers, reports, news related to aQrate Ltd. and Andor T. Fürjes (earlier research and projects).

4th of January, 2010: The site opens with temporary content. The site will continuously completed by descriptions of services, listings of references, files to download and answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ).