FAQaQrate Ltd. provides engineering and consultation services in architectural acoustics and electroacoustics (see the scheme below for an overview), while services extend from application to supporting research and development as well.

Groups of services can be divided based on the details of documentation, communication and of course the level of responsibility:

aQrate Ltd. provides also translation, controlling and editing services of design documents or audiovisual technical documents in the fields of architectural acoustics and electroacoustics.

Because acoustics affects practically all other engineering fields, a generally important part of any acoustic task is continuous communication with all representatives of the Client and other engineers.

Architectural acoustics
Architectural acoustics covers all acoustic issues related to the built environment. To support the usability of every acoustic space (e.g. room or hall), one has to ensure isolation for undisturbed operation, that is noise and vibration control about. One has to ensure also the 'optimum' sound quality within a space by means of architectural elements, and that is room acoustics about.


Applications include:
1. Residential, office or other facilities requiring standard acoustic qualities
2. Facilities demanding high quality acoustics:
- show and presentation: concert halls, theatres, opera halls, conference halls, cinema halls, etc.;
- production and support facilities: sound studios, film studios and their control or support functions;
- custom needs and custom solutions: luxury residential buildings, boats, home theatres.
3. Industrial facilities
... or in any situation where on is suffering from or missing sonic qualities.

Anywhere physical sound is turned into electrical representation, storage, processing or transmission by involving electroacoustic transducers one has to deal with electroacoustic design.

1. Production audio systems:
- sound recording and post production
- radio studios
- theatrical systems (reinforcement, recording, intercom, etc.)
- concert sound (both indoor or outdoor)
2. PA systems (background music, evacuation, etc.)
3. Residential systems (home theatre, outdoor systems, etc.)
4. Signal processing

Translation, editing
1. Design documentation in the fields of architectural acoustics and electroacoustics
2. Technical documents of audiovisual equipment:
- professional or consumer audio and video equipment;
- electronic music instruments and related software.